The Magnum P.I. Starter Kit

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I own both a Pepsi Rolex 16710 and a Submariner 14060, my two favorite watches. My seven year old daughter recently asked me how I decide which watch to wear. My response was quick: It depends on if I want to be Magnum P.I. today or James Bond (Sean Connery James Bond before Omega entered the picture in 1995’s Goldeneye, of course.)

Most days I choose to be Magnum P.I. because the laid-back, Hawaiian shirt-clad Navy SEAL private investigator just fits my personality. I also prefer the red and blue Pepsi dial Rolex to the sterile black and white submariner. If Thomas Magnum happens to be your spirit animal as well, read on as we lay out a kit worthy of the ’80s legend himself. Just be sure to grow an iconic mustache along the way.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

What Magnum P.I. is best known for (besides his perfectly-groomed mustache) is the red Hawaiian shirt he often wore over the course of the show. It matched the red Ferrari and Pepsi dial Rolex perfectly, along with the laid back attitude of Oahu, Hawaii living. We recommend the High Water shirt from California Cowboy on yoru quest to channeling your inner Magnum.

We love the bright red base and the engaging but not over-the-top print, and you can’t help but love the double front chest pockets for a bit of added everyday carry potential.

Rolex GMT-Master II 16750 ‘Pepsi’

The iconic Pepsi bezel watch is what we personally associate with Magnum P.I. the most. Did you know, however, that Magnum didn’t start wearing the iconic Rolex until season 4? We didn’t either (thanks, Hodinkee). Still though, the watch quickly became a staple on the show. The glossy-dialed 16750 reference was released by Rolex in 1980 and came with an updated 3075 caliber, which boasted a quick-set date.

Ferrari 308 GTS

The Ferrari 308 Thomas Magnum drove was more than just a vehicle but an integral part of the show’s identity. Several Ferrari 308 cars were used throughout the filming of all eight seasons of the Magnum P.I. series, including a 1979 308 GTS, a 1981 308 GTSi, and a 1984 308 GTS Quattrovalvole.

Here’s a fun fact: Tom Selleck, who played Thomas Magnum, is 6’4″. The Ferrari 308 is quite a small vehicle, so modifications had to be made to fit Selleck comfortably. The car seat was adjusted and padding was removed to accommodate his height.

Ray-Ban Bill Sunglasses

If Ray-Ban’s Bill Sunglasses look like they’re straight out of an ‘80s action movie, that’s because they almost are—the original Bill design launched in 1985 as a bold take on the aviator style. Now reimagined with lightweight but ultra durable acetate frames, they’re an authentically retro look that’s available in seven cool color combinations.

Go for Grey Havana if you want a classic black look similar to Thomas Magnum, or a contemporary clear frame with blue accents for a more modern look.

Detroit Tigers Hat

For a character living on a Hawaiian island that frequently wore colorful Hawaiian shirts and Pepsi bezel watches, Magnum’s Detroit Tigers hat often appeared out of place among the rest of his island-inspired garb. So why did Magnum’s Detroit hat become a staple on the show? According to Looper, the actor was born in Detroit and is a diehard, longtime fan of the Detroit Tigers Baseball team.

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Pyramid Cigar

Yes, Thomas Magnum was known to occasionally smoke cigars. This added to his laid-back, cool persona and fit well with the overall vibe of the show. According the Cigar Life Guy, “Thomas Magnum was known to smoke a cigar and sip brandy occasionally in the ’80s run of Magnum P.I. Seeing Magnum on television gave men and women the desire to be like the smooth-talking, cigar aficionado, private investigator themselves.”

This selection by Atruro Fuente is rolled with select Connecticut shade wrapper tobacco and a special blend of aged, Dominican filler. Light it up and you’ll feel right at home in Oahu, Hawaii or Key West, Florida. Take your pick.

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